The above photo of us is courtesy of award-winning New York city photographer (Priyanca Rao) at Zion National Park in Utah for our engagement shoot. We encourage you to check out all of her amazing, unique work at!



We are a couple living in New York that loves traveling to get away from the concrete jungle, to relax from the daily grind, to recharge by experiencing all of the beauty across the globe, and to enjoy the diversity of cultures and cuisines in the world! While we are travel enthusiasts, we are also busy professionals in the health care and financial industries. Our love of travel comes from our unique life experiences as between the two of us we have lived in North America, Asia, and Africa and survived the ultimate long distance dating stint of New York - Singapore for a period of our relationship.

Like many Americans, our vacation time can be limited so maximizing our trips is essential. While there is a plethora of information available for every destination, creating a practical itinerary can often seem like a daunting task. Employing our professional diligence to researching our travel/vacations, we try our best to curate an itinerary that is pragmatic for the traveler who seeks to balance adventure and rest. While we may occasionally review restaurants or hotels, our focus is sharing our itineraries which distill all of our research into a plan that may help you with your own trip!